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Centre Rules Governing Rallies

  1. Rallies normally run between Friday and Sunday and do not commence before 5.00 p.m. on Fridays, unless prior consent has been obtained from the Rally Officer. Tents may only be erected with prior consent of the Rally Officer. Members arriving late at night (after 11pm) please park outside the rally area until the following morning.
  2. Caravans are to be sited in accordance with directions of the Rally Officer with the off side front corner of the caravan lining up with the peg, the motor vehicle to be parked at the side, and the saving of pegs is only permitted at the discretion of the Rally Officer.
  3. The speed limit must not exceed 5 M.P.H, walking pace at any time.
  4. Learner drivers are NOT allowed to drive on the rally field; learner motorcyclists must walk their machines on and off the rally field.
  5. No ball games, or kites to be flown unless space has been provided and under the supervision of a Rally Officer or Committee Member. All games apparatus must be taken down at night.
  7. All animals must be kept on a lead of reasonable length at all times. Max 10 feet, so that they cannot annoy fellow members and exercise them away from the caravans on the perimeter in a place where no one will suffer inconvenience. Animals are not permitted at social gatherings, including flagpoles held in halls and marquees.
  8. Please give consideration to others by extinguishing Tilly / Gas lamps and generators, and avoid banging car doors and making of unnecessary noise after 11 p.m.
  9. Each pitch should be left clear of litter at the end of the rally, and a careful check made before leaving the field that no litter has been left behind.
  10. No washing of utensils or charging and flushing of toilets at the drinking water tap.
  11. The contents of the chemical toilet must only be disposed of at the point marked ELSAN and a container of water to be taken to flush with. Under no circumstances should refuse be emptied into the elsan.
  12. With Immediate effect Rally officers are to implement the six metre rule between caravans. Please click here for details

Recommendations for Rallies

  1. It is of great assistance to Rally Officers if rally slips are in their possession in good time before the rally, and also any cancellation should be informed to the Rally Officer as soon as possible. Members booking in for a rally after the closing date will not be guaranteed a plaque.
  2. Please make all cheques payable to MIDDLESEX CENTRE CARAVAN CLUB not the Rally Officer. NO REFUNDS can be made after the closing date for prepaid rallies.
  3. It is strongly recommended that all caravans carry a suitable BSI and / or FOC approved fire extinguisher, and that everyone should be aware of how to use the one they have.
  4. It is advisable that each van should have a first aid kit.
  5. Respect should be shown to the landowner’s property, trees, fences, farm buildings, equipment and livestock.
  6. Rallygoers must utilise their own chemical toilets properly charged with one of the formaldehyde-based chemical fluids.
  7. Cars should not be driven on the rally field, if at all possible when the ground is wet, to prevent damage to the field.
  8. Open fires are not in general allowed, except with the permission of the Rally Organiser and in a place agreed with him. Barbeques should also be used with caution towards other caravans and awnings.
  9. It is recommended that members collect waste water from the caravan outlet in a receptacle, and do not allow it to overflow and foul the ground.
  10. Members attending rallies of short duration can reasonably be expected to take their refuse home with them.