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The History of the Middlesex Centre


On 21st April 1966 all members of the Caravan Club living in the County of Middlesex were sent a letter convening a meeting to decide whether or not the members wished a Middlesex Centre to be formed. The meeting was held on 6th June 1966 at 8.15 p.m. At Victoria Hall, Sheepcote Road, Harrow. Brigadier S.O Jones OBE, MC, chaired the meeting. A unanimous vote was caste for the Centre to be Formed and would become into being from January 1967. Prior to this all members living Buckinghamshire and Middlesex belonged to the old North London Centre. The Buckinghamshire Centre also came into being at this time.


The Middlesex Committee consisted of a Chairman, 2 Vice Chairmen, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and 10 committee members. The 1st AGM was held in 25th November 1967. At the 1968 AGM members voted to reduce the size of the committee to 1 Vice Chairman, and 7 committee members. This is the present size of the committee. At the 1978 AGM the rally secretary was made an Honorable position which came into effect from the 1979 AGM.


In 1967 presentations were made for 12 or more rally attendance. Due to the ever increasing numbers of rallies held by the Centre it was increased to 14 in 1968, 16 in 1969, 18 in 1971, 20 in 1970 and 25 in 1977. Fellowship plaques were first presented in 1969 for 10 or more rallies, later increased to 14 in 1971 and 16 in 1977.


At the 1981 AGM past Chairman's badges were presented to five past Chairmen and now presented to Chairmen as they retire from office. The first committee meeting was held on 22nd of June 1966 and for the remainder of the year the Committee prepared the first rally programme. Informing members of all relevant information and dividing monies and equipment from the old North London Centre, between the tree new centres. To help the centre many members donated equipment for the Centres use. The first season’s rallies were run by committee member assisted by a non Committee member. In the inaugural year a Bring and Buy, Ladies and children’s rally were held. The first rally was held at Easter 1967 at Bolney, near Brighton. The shape of the first plaque was a caravan flag. In 1968 the Centre took part in the London Home Counties North Reunion Rally, later to be called the Five Centres Rally which continued annually until 1986. In 1989 the first bi-annual Home Counties Invitation was introduced. The Centres first continental Rally was held in 1979 travelling to Belgium France and Germany and although the New Year Rally is now an established part of our programme, the first one was not held until 1979/80 at Twickenham.



Memory Lane



I was caravanning as a young girl. My Gran had a caravan at Hayling Island and I used to go there regularly with her and sometimes my mum and dad. As you can see there were no caravan awnings and cars were few and far between although I am next to my Dad’s old Hillman (convertible no less!) It broke down more than it moved!!



Many a happy hour spent by the road as it boiled up! Although we didn’t have all the mod cons we have today we had fun and caravanners haven’t changed much as I remember.